1) Culture and Knowledge in Theatre Arts

The first line of research engaged by the Postgraduate Studies programme involves theoretical, practical and methodological reflections on cultural expressions in the theatre and the production of knowledge in the area. It prioritises studies on the constituent elements of theatre arts in their traditional and contemporary expressions. It may involve and discuss different genders, ethnic groups and historical periods. The line of research examines the construction of knowledge and expertise in the theatre arts, both in formal education institutions and in informal settings. Strategies that promote pedagogical growth and development in theatre arts are investigated, as is dialogue with other fields including anthropology, sociology, history, education, visual arts and literature. Additionally, research methods and creative processes are examined which serve artists, teachers and researchers in interdisciplinary fields.

2) Compositional Processes for the Stage

The second line of research encompasses the field of compositional practices, processes and methodologies. It encompasses methodological pluralism and hybridism and procedural aspects of composition such as: training, acting, creation, playwriting, direction, staging, modes of production and the aesthetics of reception.  The line also embraces the interdisciplinary analysis of creative processes whether they be realised or still in progress as well as the proposal and laboratory research for new processes. In this way, the line of research functions as a space for conceptualisation, discussion, investigation, questioning and systematising the skills, knowledge and practices involved in the composition, realisation and reception of theatrical  works.

Related focus areas: Music, Dance, Communications, Visual Arts, Cinema, Video, Literature, Philosophy, History.