Area of Concentration: Performing Arts / Theatre 

The area devotes itself to theoretical and/or practical studies of creative and pedagogical processes, and of critical and historical reflections, relating to skills and knowledge developed in scenic poetics and in traditional and contemporary expressive manifestations.   Actions organized from notably scenic devices are investigated, actions whose approaches may favor notions of theatricality, spectacularity and performativity. The perspective of interdisciplinarity and dialogue between Theatre and other fields of human enterprise underpins and characterizes the relationship between the two research lines that compose this area of concentration.  


Characterization of the course

Course Degree: Master’s degree and Doctoral (PhD) degree

Goals: Through methodological cuttings that support Performing Arts research procedures, in it’s creative, theoretical and pedagogical aspects, this Master’s degree and Doctoral (PhD) degree, both aims to provide students with their insertion in postgraduate studies, investigating the contemporary scene, its interfaces with other fields of knowledge, as well as artistic productions in their processes of knowledge and performance construction. 

Professional profile to be formed: The proposed profile for the egress of this course is of a Performing Arts professional who may act in diverse fields: research, teaching, stage performing and social action. Strengthening and singularizing its theoretical-practical framework, through the development of the original research project, this professional ought to contribute significantly to the improvement of artistic, bibliographical, methodological and pedagogical productions. The PhD profile in Theatre / Performing Arts is one of an autonomous artist-researcher capacitated to act both in teaching, research and extension in elementary and higher education - presential and distance learning - as well as leading cultural-artistic actions in the area.


Total of credits to obtain the degrees:

Master’s degree: 16

Doctoral (PhD) degree: 24

Periodicity of the selection: Yearly (to ingress at the 2nd semester of the current school year)

Number of selected candidates per year: 10 for Master’s degree and 10 for Doctoral (PhD) degree


Related areas: Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Cinema, Video, Communication, Anthropology, Sociology, Literature, Philosophy, History, Education.


* Grade 4! The PPG-CEN (Programa de Pós Graduação em Artes Cênicas / Performing Arts Postgraduate Program) had increased its score in the last CAPES evaluation, from 3 to 4. Although with only 3 years of experience, the PPG-CEN already managed to show its artistic and scientific production and research potential.


“The PPG-CEN offers support for the student, in cases of harassment, through the program coordination and committee. The entire academic community can count on the support of the University Health Care Directorate (Dasu) through the contacts below: 

Phones: (61) 3107-2319 / E-mail:”